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What do we do?

Welcome to the Equus Universalis™ classical Riding Art, founded by international horse trainer and instructor Josepha Guillaume in 2006.

The fundamentals of Classical Equitation brought available for every horse and rider, like never before!

Josepha and her team of international Equus Universalis instructors bring you back the European classical riding art however adjusted to the horses, riders and their problems of today.

The Equus Universalis trainers make the welfare of each horse entrusted to them, a personal case of honour.

Every single action within Equus Universalis comes forth from creating the empowerment of the horse and unlocking his fullest individual potential, both in body and mind. Like the Renaissance was known for his Homo Universalis, we work every day to bring back honour and nobility by means of empowering the most noble creatures under God: The horse. Equus Universalis in practise means healing injured, lame and traumatised horses, preventing young and healthy horses of being harmed and working slowly but steadily towards correct quiet classical work up to piaffe and levade. We reach this with the upmost level of sprezzatura and lightness for we work without bits and spurs. Unique and unseen in the world, yet growing steadfast internationally.

Over 10 years of international practise proves: Whatever the problem is, Equus Universalis offers the solution for you and your horse.


What we offer

Josepha Guillaume and her team of instructors carefully selected and trained by her, offer you the unique chance to practise and study Classical Riding Art like never before.

Equus Universalis becomes a way of life, a path to evergrowing knowledge and skill. Learn to make every action with your horse about his empowerment. 

Make your daily work with your horse about honour, nobility, lightness and sprezzatura and become a shining beacon for the other riders and horses out there, helping to improve the horse world each collected step at a time.

Equus Universalis: Taking the noble European Classical Riding Art to the 21st Century

Problems with horses, alas, have become the normality.  Almost every horse nowadays presents, or is presented with problems either physical or mental.

Did you know that before the 19th century, it was custom in Europe that horses not only often reached ages of 35 and up? And not only that, horses in general were commonly able to function well up to 25 years or older. Today, many people consider a horse old with 12 or even 16 years of age!

First: Equus Universalis has the answer as to why the horses of today have so many physical and mental problems.

Second: Equus Universalis has the answer to cure all these problems and make horses healthy and happy and humans and horses enjoying each other again, working together as we used to for millennia before.


 Heal now, prevent for the future is our credo. Find the available options to start with Equus Universalis in our menu.


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