Equus Universalis soft cavesson bridle

Equus Universalis soft cavesson bridle
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Equus Universalis soft cavesson bridle Equus Universalis soft cavesson bridle Equus Universalis soft cavesson bridle
This is the cavesson Josepha and her students use. Please note:
The order will be send forward to our saddler who will contact you via email.
The saddler will contact you for order and payment details, thank you!

Information on this cavesson:
The ultimate two way lightness comes from bodylanguage, a reward based training... and a horse trusting his bridle never to hurt!

"When working with reins, work like you do not have them.
When working without reins, work like you do have them"
Josepha Guillaume

Finest European history and culture brought back to your Riding Art!
In many youtube movies, on photos and during clinics and lessons you see Josepha and most of her students and student-instructors use a particular cavesson.
We get many requests about that cavesson, why we use it and where it can be ordered.
Josepha has these cavessons made after her own design, which in turn is after the design of the rope cavesson seen in the book of Antoine De Pluvinel 'Le Manège Royal'. This cavesson is also still used in the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. 
These cavessons were send all over the world for many years via Josepha's international known, the world's first bitless tack shop Equihof (2004-2011).
Alas, Equihof is no more as Josepha did not have time to continue the shop.
But because so many request it, she keeps having the cavessons made on order and sends them all over the world.
The cavessons are now made in a small craftmanship workshop in Belgium. We do not handle the orders ourselves, they are forwarded to the workshop and they will contact you about your order.

Handmade in Belgium
This cavesson is handmade in the small pitoresque village of Eben-Emael in Belgium, especially after the demands of Equus Universalis Riding Art trainer Josepha Guillaume. 
The leather is treated with natural oils and therefore safe for you and your horse's skin and the environment. The cows that provide the leather live outside in the North of France. They are treated with care and respect to nature.
Only the best quality leather is used, carefully crafted to withstand time and use.
The cavesson will only become even more supple and beautiful with use. As it is made in Belgium no child labour is involved.
Just touching this cavesson and the feel of the leather will make you never to put it down again. It will be a loyal assistent with every horse training, a piece to remain within your family many years to come.
After using the soft cavesson, you and your horse will never want to use anything else!
Please tell our saddler your choice of:
leather colour: Natural/Victoria/Chocolate/Black
Buckles and ornaments: Gold or Silver
Padding: White, Beige, Brown, Black
More information on the soft cavesson:
Soft cavesson after the design of Antoine De Pluvinel
The bitless dressage bridle of the 17th century! 
The most friendly, soft and biomechanically correct bridle in the world!
This bridle was invented not to controle the horse but the gymnastize him in hand and later on in the saddle to keep his body supple and healthy underneath his rider to 26 years at least. Today the soft cavesson is still used at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, the reason why it is also known as 'Vienna cavesson'.
Soft and friendly
The bridle is made completely out of leather, no iron in the nose piece to guarantee that your horse's sensitive face can not be hurt. The horse will learn from the first start of being in the cavesson to trust the trainers hands and will move forward and down in a relaxed state, stretching the nuchal ligament which will ensure healthy self carriage of the horse's body later on. 
Soft nose band
The soft and wide noseband goes high up the nose, two or three fingers underneath the cheek bone. That is the place were the nose is least sensitive. The horse will never have to fear pain coming from the hands and reins, or lunge. Therefore the poll will stay open and the horse will not go behind the verticle.
Jaw strap
The jaw strap which is closely fastened remains on the least sensitive spot on the face, the fleshy piece of the jaw. The jaw strap ensures that pressure put on to the nose is evenly devided. Next to that the jaw strap ensures that the cavesson stays in place for a bridle that moves around the head can be painfull. The eyes will remain safe as will the nose thanks to this simply but ingenious systeem invented by one of the greatest masters known to man.
Lateral bend (Stellung) and flexion
Because of the rings on the nose, slight action of one rein will cause the horse to take correct lateral flexion and bend. This will release the jaw, open the poll and relieve the shoulders. From the first early training sessions in hand, the horse can be easily taught to place his shoulders before his hind quarters and therefore start to relieve the shoulders of weight. Later on in ridden work, it will be easy to keep the horse off his inside shoulder while turning.
When you work your horse in the lunge, fasten the lunge to the ring in the middle. The horse will take correct bend at once. You will not have the problem that the horse will weigh on and pivot around the inside shoulder without the possibility of correcting it, the way it is with a halter or a bit. The halter, which has the lunge attached underneath the jaw will make the nose take contrabend and weigh the inside shoulder. This can even be dangerous for the horse can easily break out or run you over. The lunge attached to the bit will make the horse tilt his head and lock the jaw, weighing the inside shoulder and destroying any sensitive and light reaction to the reins later on.
Double lunge
When using the double lunge, use the rings next to the ring in the middle on the nose piece. This way you can halpt the horse balance himself on the circle and get the horse used to outside rein and inside flexion without any of the problems a bit will offer. The horse will trustfully go long and low and remain relaxed. With a bit, pain is vert easily inflicted if a horse wiggles or jerks even a little. The trust in the hands/reins is then gone and the horse builds up adrenaline which prevents a state of calm learning and correct use of the muscles as stress and adrenaline will cause the upperline to contract in stead of the upperline.
Short and long reins
With the short or the long reins attached the same way as the double lunge the horse can be gymasticed to become a healthy and supple riding horse. The work in hand will prepare him for the rein aids of the rider. These will all be familiar to the horse, we now just have to only incoporate seat and leg aids and continue the Gymnasium from the saddle.
In riding, our trusted cavesson will acompany us and our horse in the same safe, soft friendly and logical way as it has done on the ground. The old masters of the 17th and 18th century would later introduce a bit for warfare. As we - in the 21st century - do not have to go to warfare, we can leave the bit out and stick to the gymnasium of our horse. 
Perfect lightness
Because the aids come so natural to the horse and he has no fear of pain nor pressure, horses will respond with lightness to this cavesson if one rewards the first tiny reactions from the start. No other bridle in the world gives this effect for correct movement with the simpelest and lightest of aids.

Price: 325,00 EUR
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