Equus Universalis Classical Riding Art Instructor School

To spread the noble work of Equus Universalis and help as many horses as possible, Josepha and Ralph have founded the first ever Bitless and Classical Instructor School in 2012.
The School is located in Belgium and students come from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

The basic high School education level is two years, each year to complete with theoretical and practical exams. After completing the two year school succesfully, it is possible to enter a one year Master course.
If you are Flemish/Dutch speaking, find a list of instructors here:
If you are interested in becoming an Equus Universalis instructor, see if you fit the profile here:

International programm:
Training of instructors outside Benelux and Germany will start in Spain end of this year and Finland next year.

The principal's office

Training for Equitana Januari 2015

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