Josepha Guillaume

Josepha Guillaume

Friday, 07 June 2013 11:20

Gymnasium Play™

Gymnasium play™
Invite and inspire your horse to produce his artful expressions, the equine equivalent of human ballet if you will. Within Gymnasium play, your horse will freely show the dressage movements that will heal and empower him
As the movement natural horses make are nothing more as their language, it is  a logic cansequence that while playing freely with your horse and experimenting with your own body language and the reaction of the horse to your movements lays the foundation of a beautiful and clear communication between you and your horse.
The beauty of the horse's nature is that their body language at the same time heals and empowers their body.

Within Equus Universalis you will be taught how to ask the horse Gymnasium exercises in complete freedom with nothing more then your own movements.

During Gymnasium play we may use a twig or whip to make our arm longer or make a movement more clear. We might also use a cordeo. Next do that we can use any atribute that offers our horse and us fun and stimulation such as fitness balls, pawns, poolnoodles, groundpoles etc.

Movements include exercises such as:

- Ramaner
- Die Schaukel
- Shoulder lifts
- Shoulder in
- Travers
- Halt
- Transitions
- Jambette and Spanish walk
- Chase the tiger

Gymnasium play can be used to:
- build confidence communication and trust between human and horse
- educate youngsters
- rehabilitate horses with mental and/or Physical trauma's
- keep retured horses happy, healthy and busy
Gymnasium play can also be used to coach humans with the assistence of horses

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