Josepha Guillaume

Josepha Guillaume

Bonjour Horse peeps!

You haven't heard from me in a while. But you can follow what I am doing via my VLOG, don't forget to subscribe when you start watching, so you will get an update each new video.
Apart from my training with the horses, I am very much busy working on the preparations of our SRS clinic. it is getting really close now and I am getting tremendously nervous! But at the same time happy and excited for this is a dream come true and a giant new step in the evolvement of my personal education and the direction in which my school is moving.

But in the meantime, I came across this little video on facebook... do you see what I see?
I find this video hilariously metaphorical of the cocky and pointless behaviour of many roundpen trainers.
If you have no clue what I am talking about, please read my article on roundpen work 'Not so merry go round'.

If you want to chat with me about this, just go to my facebook page:

With Classical regards,

Tuesday, 02 August 2016 16:44

Classical shet

Dear classical riders!

It has been quiet on this blog. That was because I was with the horses all day, every day. It was also the last month Afortunado was here, so I had to spend extra time training him every day. And eventhough I have help from Caroline, Jaidee, Ivanka and Lore, the stable work is still a large piece that consums my day.
However, if you want to know what we are up to here at Equus Universalis HQ, check out our Vlog and don't forget to subscribe!

A horse is a horse at Equus Universalis, meaning that size does not matter. Therefore please enjoy shetlander mare Roos (Rose) from the Netherlands, trained and owned by Equus Universalis trainer Sylvie van den Goorbergh, starting her classical dressage career, under the watchful eye of arabian stallion Troy.
Dear Classical riders,

It is with great joy that I let you know Cadmos has informed me that 'Problemlos Gebisslos' which would translate to 'Troubless bitless' will be published in English this November!
Obviously I am exilarated over this news!

This book is a must read for those that aspire bitless riding or already ride bitless but want to know more about how to make it as horse friendly, healthy and safe for your horse and you, as possible. But it also is a great read for the riders that ride with a bit, but want to know how to start a young horse the classical way, which is to say, in a cavesson, or need inspiration to work a horse according correct classical guide lines while re-educating a horse, in which bitless, or in any case the soft cavesson will come in handy. This book is also a very handy manual for dressage instructors who get students who want to ride bitless, or for bitless instructors who have students that want to engage in classical dressage bitless.

We are looking forward to all the people who begged me for an English copy, to be able to have a read this winter!

With classical regards,

Dear classical riders,

Today we have a special treat for you! Equus Universalis instructor, teacher at the Equus Universalis Instructor School and yoga and dance instructor from the Netherlands, Sylvie van den Goorbergh, developed a specific yoga method for riders. This is such breaking news even the Dutch papers printed an article on this!
Because she already sees many riders and horses benefitting of her teaching, she has made a free rider yoga session for all of you to practise and improve your seat in order to help riders and horses world wide. Good seat equals happy horses! Take advantage of this opportunity I say. I know I am!

Do enjoy! And do not forget to subscribe to our channel!

ind the second part of this video on our channel :)

Tuesday, 14 June 2016 10:54

Mark Russell passed away

Dear Horse Peeps,
Mark Russell has passed away. Yet again an other great horse man has left us. A pupil of Oliveira and one working tirelessly across the big pound to spread the message of lightness and sustainable dressage.
I guess, we, who are trying to carry the bonfire of Classical dressage into this century, have to work harder still to honour all the great masters of the past and present, and the horses who loved them and showed them the way, their way, the way of the horse.
Rest in Peace Maestro,

Monday, 13 June 2016 15:58

new vlog and other things

Bonjour Horse Peeps,

Owen and I under the weather
You have not heard from me in a while other than via facebook. If you have been following me via facebook, then you know I have been quite ill for the last several months if not longer. The good news is, the doctors finally found out what is wrong with me about two weeks ago. I suffer from a bad case of anemia. So, I have to take 105 mg of iron every day. Of course I have all the side effect and it will take at least two months to feel better, but I think I feel a slight improvement.
Then Owen, he suffered from COPD since I got him in 2003. with my herbs and oils I had that nicely under control and for the last 5 years, he only had a bit of problems in spring, but not bad enough to take medication. This spring however, he had severe asthma attacks, due to the pollen, that somehow are extremely present this spring. We had no choice as to medicate him with cortisone and ventipulmin. 

New Vlog
Both feeling slightly better, we took to a bit of work, with both our doctor's approval of course, of which you can view a video here, made by our wonderful new working student Ivanka Cuypers.
This is also the first entrance of our new Vlog! We hope you enjoy!
More exciting news will follow this week and a new Vlog next week.

With classical regards,


Tuesday, 29 March 2016 00:00

Student Portal

Thursday, 14 January 2016 00:00

Equus Universalis goes SRS

Dear classical dressage friends,

Talking about a Happy New Year!

The people who follow me on facebook or know me in real life as a trainer and instructeur, know that I am a huge fan of the Spanish Riding school of Vienna (SRS). Even as a child my grandfather told me that in general, real riding was only to be seen within the SRS, all else was just 'sitting on a horse'.
As all of you know, for many years I have been working very hard to bring back classical dressage, be it adjusted to the horse and riders and the problems they face, today. And, if I may say so myself, with huge succes! Equus Universalis is a concept now that stands on his own, gradually expanding its reach.

The last decade of my work mostly came forth from self study. The reason being that the Masters that taught at the time never had answers concerning the horses that simply could not or would not 'do it' other then 'buy an other horse'. The result was that starting then, my path largely concentrated on finding ways to help horses becoming healthy and happy enough to be able to work within classical dressage. Ironnically, the answer was classical dressage, but the means to work with those unable horses were completely new and different (of which years of my experimentation still can be found on the forum I co-hosted Helping horses from lameness or mental objection back to loose, light, healthy classical dressage horses appeared to be the missing link in todays horse world and I received an enormous amount of requests from all over Europe and even outside Europe. Wanting to help everybody led to a severe burn out in 2011. The good news is that this in turn led to the founding of the Equus Universalis Trainer and Instructor School in 2012, which already sprouted a range of very effective and knowledgable trainers and instructor graduates of which I am extremely proud, working the field within my training methods and philosophy.

Of course, learning about the rehabilitation of horses is a never ending process. However, now I study and take courses concentrating manely on additional therapies that can help as an addition to the equus Universalis rehabilitation exercise programme. For me personally though, I have landed my self and luckily my horses on the path that leads back to the pureness of the classical dressage itself. I do move forward with my self study, reading, then working in practise, with the constant feedback of the horses and my training partners, the riders of my riding school, of which mostly Caroline Godefroid who loyally trains with me every week. Nevertheless, I a looking round for someone to study with for some time now and even though there are many great and wonderful trainers out there, I haven't found one who boggles my mind. The only thing I ever find is recognition. So, no matter where I look and how I look at it, the SRS remains the only place that makes me want to study with. I have been playing with this idea in my mind for two years now and strange as some things go, as soon as I decided that I was going to study with the SRS, the opportunity arose within two days!

Monday October 31 and Tuesday November 1, Bereiter (can not get enough of saying that word!) Helmut Oberhausen is coming to Belgium to teach two days of clinics to me, my students and everybody else who wants to study classical dressage.
If everything goes well and as planned, I hope to make clinics with the Bereiters of the SRS a regular event in Belgium. Next to that I hope to be able to study the instructor course at Heldenberg, the trainingstable of the SRS in 2017. But for this year a theory course at the SRS is in my planning, next to the already awesome planned clinic with Bereiter Helnut Oberhausen.

The trainingcentre of the SRS, where the stallions have a paddock at their stables and go into the field and are also exercised in the forest, so they can enjoy and relax outside their annual vacation. For in the SRS there is no possibility for the stallions to be turned out.

So, what do you admire about the SRS so much, is a question I receive a lot lately from people who mostly point out the bits, spurs or side reins, wondering if this fits within my filosophy. Personally I find that a bit of a strange question for the SRS is the SRS and Equus Universalis is Universalis, and there is no reason why we should use the same equipment really. What matters to me is the sustainable riding art that is so lost in Europe. the SRS shows all the proof that sustainable riding art is and has always been the core of their work. So what is the proof of this sustainable riding art you may ask?
Oh, I most surely will tell you! These points are the very same points that are brought forward by the European Equus Universalis Foundation (EEUF):
1. Correct breeding: hello, the lipizanner, enough said
2. Correct socializing of the foal and colt: which results in excellent enjoyable and trainable horses. 74 stallions constantly within reach of each other without so much as one peep, that's amazing? Well, No actually, that should be (and was for a long time) the normality.
3. Correct selective procedure: you can have the best training all you want, of your horse does not have the mindset or physical ability for which you intend to use him, you will run into problems at some point.
4. Correct start and education
5. Proof of sustainable riding art at the SRS: The stallions work very hard from age 6 or 7, performing exercises and school jumps that would cripple many sport horse for even trying. Yet these horses retire at age 27 and not because they are worn out, no Sir. Because at that age they still can enjoy a fantastic retirement, which most stallions do way in to their thirties.

Especially point 5 is what it is all about within Equus Universalis, sustainable riding art. A healthy and powerful horse who is able to present the task asked of him with ease is a happy horse within my experience. I hope that explaines why I choose the SRS to study under now that I am presented with that chance.

I really have a hard time sleeping the last couple of days from sheer excitement and I obviously have a lot of planning to do. But I just can not wait to find out all that I will learn and incorporate into Equus Universalis. And judging from the many excited messages I received, neither can you!

With classical regards,


Tuesday, 21 July 2015 12:04

Estonian interview

May 2015 Josepha has been interviewed by Estonian horse magazine Oma Hubo.

This article is written for the German magazine 'Hofreitschule'

The soft cavesson, the Classical bitless bridle anno 1500
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