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Written by  2018-02-20

5 tips to recognize vitamine E deficiency and how to cure it

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Bonjour Horse peeps,

Here is my new tip blog pour vous! Made with love for your horse. Make sure you watch it and spread the word to help horses worldwide.

I show you my own journey here with my Don Conquistador.


Vitamine E deficiency is a problem often overlooked until it is to late because the first symptoms are often atributed to the horse's character. People think the horse is just naughty, lazy and unwilling. Alas, this is most certainly not the case (if ever).


So what are the symptoms of vitamine E deficiency?


#1 Stretching the hindlegs behind the body and dragging the hind legs

Because a lack of vitamine E causes muscle weakness and sore muscles, simply standing and walking already demands a lot of the horse. The horse will just drag his legs underneath him instead of carrying himself.


2 Overal tiredness and lying down

The horse just seems like he is not really there. He seems detached and constantely exhausted. Instead of running and playing, you see him lying down a lot. The lack of vitamine E causes extreme muscle fatigue and a 'flu' kind of feeling.


3 Constant unexpected spooking or exploding

This has 2 causes. An ill horse is a stressed horse. He is in constant fear for his life because he fears he can not get away fast enough from predators, causing the 'better safe than sorry' approach. Next, lack of vitamine E causes damage to the nerve system. All in all not a good combination


4 Skin problems and loss of muscle tissue

When the vitamine E defiency is not found, the skin will get infected and the muscle tissue on your horse will start to dissepeare. This is how bad Don Conquistador looked half a year ago. He had had every veterinarian test done known to men, but a vit E check. So take advantage of this video and have it checked with your horse, even if vitamine E is suffiecently present in the daily feed


5 So how to cure vit e deficiency?

The first thing is obviously to have the vitamine E level checked via your horse's bloodwork by a specilized equine vet.

If the vitamine E levels seem okay, but your horse still shows these clear symptomes, I suggest you follow these tips anyway:


- Add natural, not synthetic vitamine E to your horses feed. Check with your equine vet for the dosis.

Make sure your horse gets acces to grass and add lindseed oil to the diet.

- Give the horse absoluut rest in the paddock. Wait for him untill you see he gets fit and eager to work again. 

Depending on the severity of this might take weeks, up to half a year before it gets better.

- Also add magnesium to the feed to calm the nerves.

- Start working in hand and on the lunge, first in walk, don't push your horse, wait for him to show signs to want to move again.

- Feed food high in fatty acids and proteine but low in carb in order for the body to repair the damage.


As you can see, Don Conquistador does not look how he did half a year ago, thank God.

But it took that long for him to recover. I have been training him in hand slowly, careful not to ask to much of him. When I saw he became more fit I started him on the lunge. It took months for him to be able to trot or canter again.

Since I few days I started riding. Because of the memory of his aching fatigued body I have to be very careful to stay below his stress level. Ask often for a little and reward constantely. He does not likee for me to post so I sit. Slowly but surely his body and mind will heal and he will become the glorious horse I know he can be!


If you like this video, please share it so other horses might be saved from this horrible and dangerous condition.


With classical regards,





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