Written by  2016-06-20

Problemlos Gebisslos to be published in English this November

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Dear Classical riders,

It is with great joy that I let you know Cadmos has informed me that 'Problemlos Gebisslos' which would translate to 'Troubless bitless' will be published in English this November!
Obviously I am exilarated over this news!

This book is a must read for those that aspire bitless riding or already ride bitless but want to know more about how to make it as horse friendly, healthy and safe for your horse and you, as possible. But it also is a great read for the riders that ride with a bit, but want to know how to start a young horse the classical way, which is to say, in a cavesson, or need inspiration to work a horse according correct classical guide lines while re-educating a horse, in which bitless, or in any case the soft cavesson will come in handy. This book is also a very handy manual for dressage instructors who get students who want to ride bitless, or for bitless instructors who have students that want to engage in classical dressage bitless.

We are looking forward to all the people who begged me for an English copy, to be able to have a read this winter!

With classical regards,



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