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Gymnasium in hand

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Gymnasium in hand

The ancient noble work of the old masters: the work in hand with the horse.
During the work in hand the horse will further develop his body to become empowerd, healthy, strong and flexible and able to withstand a long happy life as riding horse. We work with the soft cavesson and long soft reins and walk next to the horse. Now the horse learns to react to light and soft reins aids, accompanied with our bodylanguage. Thus the Gymnasium in hand is a must do, if you want to start your horse in (Gymnasium) riding. Next that that the reins offer your refinement and the possibility of asking the horse 'Stellung' which is needed to relax the horse jaw, poll and neck. 

For young horses that will be educated to be ridden the gymnasium in hand is a MUST. Without the proper preparation of the Gymnasium work in hand, every horse will suffer damage under saddle sooner or later. A horse is not build to be ridden and without the gymnasium preparation horses will become worn between the age of 7 to 18 years. A horse has a lifespan up to 35 years and should be able to perform good work undersaddle up to 25 to 3 years! Millenia long this was known and practised before the 19th century. If you love your horse and you want to ride him, you must learn the Gymnasium in hand, there is no way around it.

The Gymnasium work in hand offers many benefits for:
- young horses to be educated under saddle
- retired horses
- horses that have physical or mental traumas with/from being ridden
- horses that need psychical or mental rehabiliation.


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