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Microshaping: The ultimate wto way lightness

Two way communication

People often remark that they need spurs and double bridle to achieve lightness from their horse. But this lightness is only on the rider's side. For the horse there is nothing light about a double bridle in the mouth or the touch or prick from the spur. even if you are such a rare good rider that only is able to make actions with hand and leg that are not perceived as painful to the horse, the only reason for the fact that the horse reacts 'light' to it is, that the horse has the experience that when he does not react at once, the bit(s) and spur will cause pain to them. That is the very reason why, without these old school artificial aids, riders complain their horses do not react light anymore. The never really reacted light from their desire to work with their human, but from fear of the artificial aids.

Within Equus Universalis we want our horse to be able to communicate back to us at all times, to enusre his wellbeing, trust and health.
So how do create true and tw way lightness with our horse within Equus Universalis? By means of Positive Reinforcement (R+). Basically this means we invite the horse to do certain actions and we he at first obliges only with the smalles gesture we reward by means of voice, caress and/or a treat. We never punish the horse by means of anything paiful or frightening.
While training Equus Universalis we only always ask for exercises we know that are of BENEFIT to the horse, never anything that might harm him.
Thus, the horse will learn that working with us and obliging or requests will always reap him double benefit: a better body and mind and a nice reward.
As the horse never has to fear any form of punishmen, he has no fear of making a mistake and becomes free to experiment and try new things to improve himself and more often then not: impress us with new exercises. This way Shoulder in leads to haunches in all by itself! And transitions between backwards to trot become the horse first proud piaffe! By using Positive Reinforment only, we make sure the horse can communicate to us at all times. And since the communicative language of the horse are the Gymnasium exercises, the circle is completed!

You will enjoy lightness, mutual understanding and a cooperative spirit of your horse, you never experienced before!


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