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Gymnasium Riding™

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Equus Universalis™ Gymnasium riding

Riding in a way that empowers the horse!

Gymnasticizing = Communicating! 

The schooling of horses by the old master’s methods is referred to in Europe as the Gymnasium or Classical exercises. The classical exercises such as Shoulder in, Haunches in, piaffe and the airs are in fact nothing more than natural movements horses make. But why do they make them? They make them as a means of communication! The classical exercises are their language!

Riding for the benefit of the horse?
Yes it is possible! Riding does not have to be harmful if we make sure certain ground rules are adhered at all times. Within Equus Universalis™ gymnasium riding is a part of the whole program that we do to see whether our horse has improved in strength suppleness and ability. We can use our body as ‘fitness tool’ to increase the horse’s empowerment and further develop our feather light two way communication.

When we ride to make sure that our horse is absolutely safe and comfortable and our clear and pure two way communication remains, we only ride with a soft cavesson, cordeo and good fitting, light and preferably flexible saddle. We may carry a whipe or twig to assist our arm or legs, by means of touch or gentle tap. Hitting, kicking, bits and spurs are not allowed in the Riding Art of the 21st century.

Before we start riding however we prepare our horse via Bodyshaping, Microshaping, Gymnasiam play and Gymnasium in hand. So check out the other parts of Equus Universalis.


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