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Josepha Guillaume is an international published writer. She has a book published by Europe's largest Equine publisher Cadmos, and articles by her and interviews with her have been in numerous international magazines and website. Find some of them under this section.

Dear Classical riders,

I am so proud to announce that my book, first published in German by Cadmos, last year has been published in English and is available worldwide. Whether amazone or target, from Australia to Zanzibar, you can get it everywhere! I hope you do enjoy!

Here is the link to get your paperback copy in the United States: Target

With Classical regards,


Tuesday, 21 July 2015 12:04

Estonian interview

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May 2015 Josepha has been interviewed by Estonian horse magazine Oma Hubo.

Josepha has been interviewed for the Bückerburger Hofreitschule in Germany. 

Pictures of the interview in the magazine will follow soon. You can order the magazine here: 

Tuesday, 21 July 2015 11:16

book Problemlos Gebisslos

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Published in March 2014 by Europe's largest Equine publish house, presented by the author and her students at Equitana, Europe's largest Equine fair, reached target sales within the first two monts after publishing!
This beautiful and practical 95 page book is written in German and expected to be published in English in 2015.

You can order the book here or via Amazone

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