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Equus Universalis™ Bridle

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Equus Universalis bridle: The soft cavesson 
Redesigned and brought back by Josepha Guillaume anno 2004, after the 17th century design: the soft cavesson Bridles.
After experimenting with all sorts of bitless bridles since the beginning of the 21st century, Josepha has come to only use one bridle for all work, from under saddle to lunging, in hand work, double lunge and long lines. Josepha and the Equus Universalis trainers and students educated by her, all start with the soft cavesson right away, whether young horses to be educated or adult horses used to a bit. All horses improve with this bridle because of the anatomical correct shape allowing the horse to take the correct outline and releasing the jaw without any form of discomfort or pain. This truly is the most comfortable and effective bridle to produce correct collected work and healthy, happy horses!
The soft cavesson has really come back into fashion thanks to Josepha, for many manufacturersstarted to make a cavesson like the one Josepha brought back, but as it is an ancient design, she never thought to patent it. She is only happy more and more horses worldwide go comfortable in this wonderful bridle.
So there are many places now where you can find this bridle.
Josepha and the trainers in het riding school all work with the soft bridle especially designed for them by Corinne Corten from Corohda Sellerie, found in the pittoresque village of Eben-Emael, in Belgium. If you would like such a precious heirloom for yourself, you can find it in our webshop here. Corinne will contact you as soon after you have placed your order.


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