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Equus Universalis™ Classical riding Art

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Equus Universalis™, taking the noble classical riding art to the 21st century
The super horses and trainers of the past
In PRE 1800 times there was a Riding art designed to create horses who not only performed to their maximum, on the lightest of aids but also up to high age! 30 to 35 wasn’t old age for a horse back then and horses would perform admirable up to 25 or beyond. The secret of these well trained, for nowadays standards, almost super horses was not only their training but also their breeding, socialisation  and time to grow up before handled and trained.
The rise of ‘consumers Equestrian sport’
Starting mid-1800, together with the rise of the industrial revolution, the need for these super horses got lost and with them the secrets and knowledge of the ultimate training and breeding. The new era of Equestrian sport was born. Horses suffer the consequenses by being trained incorrectly, hence often being injured, lame and ready for retirement at ages between 6 and 18.
The new sustainable era
Anno 21st century, we have reached the start of the sustainable era. Sustainability finds his way back to everything including the Equestrian world. Some seek the answers to a more friendly and sustainable training in the classical period from the pre 1800 eras. And indeed, many answers can be found there. Alas, many riders find that the techniques and systems found there are designed for the horses, bred and kept as people did then. The knowledge displayed in the classical works is written for already very knowledgeable riders with the best of horses, horses fit for Kings! 
The problems we find with today’s horses and their current faulty training are never described by the classical masters, as they never came across those problems then.
Even more so, thru the centuries our awareness of animals have evolved and the standard tack of the past eras does not fit modern animal friendly standards anymore, nor are most of today’s riders experienced enough to use this within training, without harming their horses.
How to rebuild and educate our current horses, with our current riders knowledge and experience? How to achieve lightness, good sound, collected and quiet work, with horses that are not bred or build for the Haut Ecole and /or have been injured or rendered unwilling to work by past damaging training?
How to ride for the benefit of your horse as much as your own? How to train and ride injured horses back to health or educate young horses to become powerful, happy and very healthy,  working up to at least 25 years, and live beyond 30?
Josepha Guillaume and her Equus Universalis School have the answer for you!


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