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"Like your photos Josepha. Thanks for all the support on the CRC site. Always enjoy hearing from you"
Sylvia Loch, Schotland via Facebook 
"Josepha, You are a bright star in a dark sky! Thank you for demonstrating the epitome of what is classical and the most noble qualities in man! You are proof to all that training without force is entirely possible and I hope you continue to speak out everywhere for the sake of the horse! Yours truly,"
Margaret Kunz, Conecticut, USA 
"Just wanted to say that it seems to me I have learned more in two lessons from you than I have learned in the last 8 years... You are the first to explain about how to move with the horse and how to help the horse relax with my seat. Either there are only a few really good teachers or I never met one before you."
Charlotte Gram, Belgium 
"OMW, I am blown away!!!! Josepha is amazing, what she said just made so much sense. Seeing everyone riding having lightbulb moments and success was very, very special - especially seeing Simone so relaxed and coping - and even forgetting Olga didn't have a bit in her mouth!" 
Janet Richter Burmeister, South Africa
 "We move on with Bodyshaping and a tad of Bodylanguage so Quiny can develop further. It will take time, but she feels great now and I find her a lovely girl. Yes, we work on Ramener & follow me like a dance, without the first basic stages completed, but that is Quiny. Difficult exercises, everything you want. Simple exercises... not so much... So I am not going to nag her with those. Every horse has his own unique character and she and I are a strong headed couple, who are not able to confine ourselves to mainstream thinking and working. Nevertheless we work hard in our own way and slowly but surely we are getting where we want to be. We are just so happy that with Josepha we can stay ourselves! Thank you so much Josepha, for this, apparently seems to be a very rare thing."
Heidi Bertels, Belgium 
 "I cant believe I was actually in tears and shaking before my lesson. Josepha, Olga and I owe you a huge debt of gratitude for what you have opened my eyes to. Thank you." 
Simone Clark, Capetown, South Africa 
 "With this message I want to thank Josepha for the wonderful day I experienced during here course 'dealing with traumatised and fearful horses'. I made a huge leap forward with my horse Chinitor Z. I enjoy what we experienced during the course every day, with Chinitor but also with all my other horses! This is an absolute 'must do' for every horse lover. I have been with horses for over 50 year with good results in show jumping. After Josepha's course I came to the conclusion that there is still much to be learned. No worries, Josepha is there to help us." 
Jean André, Belgium 
"I just want to say thank you so much for the clinic and lessons, it was fantastic!"
Roxanne Leipsig, Capetown, South Africa 
"So the really exciting big thing about the SA AND clinic for me was that Josepha gave my instructor Sarah some lessons with Sarah's "difficult" horse Farry. She was thinking of "giving up" on him as he's hard to keep between hand and leg. Anyway - she ended up grinning like an idiot and riding Farry in cordeo and now she's keeping him! Also, she understood what Josepha was saying easily and "got it" real quick and now she'll work like that with me and Freckles. So our future looks easier." 
Glen Grobler, Richard's bay, South Africa 
"It was the best clinic I have been to, and for the first time ever there was not a single thing said or done that I did not agree with. So much validation to continue along the same path and now with more focus and understanding of how and why I am doing what I am..."
Annette O'Sullivan, Capetown, South Africa


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