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Welcome to the Equus Universalis™ European Classical Dressage and Riding Art, founded by international horse trainer and instructor Josepha Guillaume in 2006.

Josepha and her team of international Equus Universalis instructors bring you back the European classical riding art however adjusted to the horses, riders and their problems of today.

The Equus Universalis trainers make the welfare of each horse entrusted to them, a personal case of honour.
Every single action comes forth from creating the empowerment of the horse and unlocking his fullest individual potential, both in body and mind.
Like the Renaissance was known for his Homo Universalis, we work quietly every day to bring back honour and nobility by means of empowering the most noble of creatures under God: The horse.

Equus Universalis in practise means healing injured, lame and traumatised horses, preventing young and healthy horses of being harmed and working slowly but steadily towards correct quiet classical work up to piaffe and levade. We reach this with the upmost level of sprezzatura and lightness. The vastness with which we bring injured or traumatised horses back into correct classical work is unique and unseen in the world, yet growing steadfast internationally.

Whatever the problem is, Equus Universalis offers the solution for you and your horse.
Find more information about our work and the possibilities for you and your horse on this website.

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